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Your Treatment Team

A medical oncologist, with the assistance of nurses and staff, will treat your cancer in addition to any cancer-related conditions. The medical oncologist has the role of treating your cancer using chemotherapy or other medications, if appropriate.

The oncologist also works with other types of healthcare professionals to treat your cancer:

  • Breast surgeons

    Performs the medical procedures to obtain biopsies or remove tumors from the breast and/or neighboring lymph nodes. This can also include oncoplastic surgeons who perform reconstructive surgery of the breast.

  • Radiation oncologists

    Treats cancer using radiation therapy.

  • Genetic counselor

    Evaluates the results of genetic tests to provide further information about your cancer.

Your oncologist consults extensively with the other doctors to determine what type of treatment will result in the best outcome for you. Although you might receive treatment from any of the doctors on your cancer team, your oncologist is the “quarterback” who coordinates the treatment.

You can read more about your cancer doctor’s background and experience on the About page.